Ambrosia Small Canary Crystal Monaco Ring

judith ripka

Colorful gemstones are the signature characteristic of the Ambrosia collection. This collection was based on having every color gemstone, sometimes even combined into a single piece, to be as vibrant as possible.

  • Sterling silver with 18 karat gold
  • Canary crystal: 24.6 carats
  • White sapphires: 1.19 carats
  • Top: 17mm x 16mm, Shank: 5mm

Style #JR-SR354-WSCA

With bold intensity and radiant color in both 18k Gold and Sterling Silver, Judith Ripka’s consistent design philosophy over the brand’s 37-year history has made it a favorite among fashion trendsetters and style-savvy women around the world.  The brand has become known for an immediately identifiable design DNA rooted in a timelessness and tradition which will appear forever modern.  Known as the Queen of Hearts, Judith Ripka incorporates a matte finish, texturing, vibrant color, and, of course, hearts into almost every design.  The attention to craftsmanship and materialization are evident in the intricate detailing and use of the highest quality stones and metals. Most recognized for her distinctive celadon gold alloy, 18k gold matte finish, and custom faceting of colored gemstones and diamonds.  

Category: Rings

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