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Racing-Touch Men's Black Quartz Classic Watch With White Accents

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Some watches don't just tell the time, they make sure you get more out of it, like the new Tissot Racing-Touch. With its 11 touch-activated functions, this timepiece simultaneously tells the time and guarantees that wearers make the most of their time. New easy-to-use stopwatch capability turns the tactile watch into a high-tech personal trainer. Geared to his and her needs for functionality that goes hand-in-hand with action-packed lifestyles, the Tissot Racing-Touch also has dual time-zone capability, a compass and a backlight up its sleeve. There is even a tide-calculator to cater for optimised hours spent at sea or on the beach. And providing a fitting outfit for the unique and proven Tissot Touch technology are fashionable colours clothing dynamic, robust materials. Featured here with a black index.

Movement Caliber: Quartz ETA E49.301

Water Resistance: 100m/330ft/10bar

Length/Width/Thickness: Length 46.26mm/Width 43mm/Thickness 15.35mm